Now is NOT the Time For Emergency Oil Reserves

It would be a tragedy to release oil from the American reserves at this time.

With many other options available, such as drilling in the Gulf or Alaskan ANWR, it would be an error now to release the emergency oil. This reserve is for real emergencies. The situation America is in now is not a real emergency. It could lead to one, but that is more related to the actions of the present Administration and the department of the interior. Together they are creating a situation that will, if continued, would put the United States into a dire situation. But that is fabricated. The result of too much power put in the hands of an infantile, power grabbing, large government statist.

The problem America is in right now regarding rising oil and gas prices is directly related to President Obama’s refusal to drill for oil and gas in the United States in order to favor “Alternate Energy”. With this one idealistic action, America is put into a situation where it is held captive by backward thinking, tyrant nations such as Libya and Egypt.

No, we do not need the Oil Reserves now, we need to drill.

If we release this oil with no immediate means to recoup it, we WILL be in a serious oil problem. One which “Alternate Energy” will not solve. No oil AND no reserves is a recipe for a real American disaster.