Venezuela's end of quote/unquote Democracy

Talk about letting the Genie out of the bottle!

From Yahoo:

“Chavez seeks power to rule by decree for 1 year
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Tuesday asked congress to grant him special powers to enact laws by decree for one year, just before a new legislature takes office with a larger contingent of opposition lawmakers.”

OK folks, let me give you a “What If”.

What if you were to find a bottle on the beach. You clean it off, polish it with your shirt sleeve and POOF, a Genie pops out of the bottle.

He states that he will grant you 3 wishes. What would be your first wish?


How about, 100 more wishes! That sounds lovely.

What if you were president and you asked congress to grant you “special powers to enact laws by decree”. What would be your first law?!

I know, no more elections for president for the next 100 years! Doesn’t that sound fun?!

These guys in Venezuela really don’t know what they are getting into. If they give him this kind of power, I believe we are ALL in trouble.