A Fool and his Internet WILL Soon be Parted

It is amazing that so many, would-be terrorists exist in the world.

Not the type that strap on bombs, walk into a cafe and murder innocent people. No, at least those terrorists are man enough to put their life and their face on the crime that is being commited.

No, I am referencing those pimply-faced, over-weight, computer-geek terrorists that believe that terrorizing the general public is an acceptible “side effect” of expressing their assumed governance of the world.

Yeh, they may have a beef with MasterCard, Shara Palin, or certain countries. But in the end, these targets are not really the entities being hurt. It is the people of the world. And it is through many different avenues that this pain and torture exists.

First, by blocking MasterCard, Visa, Amex, PayPal, etc., the service customer cannot perform their required duty. Perhaps it is to pay a mortgage or tax bill. Maybe a gift, or even school tuition. But because of these bastard children of the world believe that because they have the ABILITY to hurt, that they have the RIGHT to hurt. They are wrong.

When we attack an institution like a government, that causes repercussions to the workings of countries, states or towns. This activity can result in loss of governance, death of people or war fighters, and increased money burden on the constituents.

All fun an games, because they are hidden behind the glass or plastic video screen. To them is it like playing “Gears of War” or “Super Mario Bro’s”. But it isn’t. It is real world.

So, like gun and bomb terrorists, they may wake the sleeping lion. And then they, along with the rest of the world, will feel the wrath of retribution. All will suffer because of the few or one.

The Internet is, contrary to the general though, NOT FREE! It is not automatic. It is not a right of existence. It is a SERVICE. It is provided to the customer for a fee under the regulations of Governments.

See, they control the ball. They write the rules. These twerps playing GOD safely behind the curtain of anonymity are going to single handedly change or eliminate the Internet for a long time. One can be sure, that right now, thanks to hacking, stealing, blocking Internet usage AND the use of the Internet to disseminate information that is not one’s property to display, the Governments of the world are working out new rules of usage. It would not be out of the question to think that one of the new rules would be to make it so expensive that it becomes the tool of the rich. Or that each use be indelibly marked so an absolute trace to the originator will be possible. Or perhaps they will just deem that the Internet, as useful as it may be, is just too dangerous in the hands of the people and just have it shut down.

In either of the cases above, the game WILL be changing in the very near future. And we, as a community, can thank these unsocial anarchistic terrorists for their major contribution to the demise of our freedom of communication.