Wikileaks - the Digital Gulf Oil Spill

The amazingly fast dissemination of sensitive data for all countries, has been brought to our attention in these last few months.

Sparked by one simpleton who felt that he was being wronged by his superiors, Manning stole sensitive data that was not his to own, and gave it to a cyber terrorist.

So now the data is leaking out. What is the rate. Anyone’s guess. What is the full extent now and in the future. It is up to our fast acting, crack pot governments.

BUT if the reaction is anything like the Gulf Oil Spill, the only answer is to “Shut It Down”.

Not the leak, The Internet!

Just like the reaction in the Gulf, where decades of drilling presented  ONE catastrophe, and yet resulted in a complete shutdown of drilling, you can bet that our untested leader will demand that all of the Interment be shut down so as to prevent this from ever happening again.

Will we see a Knee JERK reaction to an unfortunate incident as we did earlier this year, or is it possible that the Governments of the world will deal with this new reality, continue their “Evil” ways and as one great power, hunt down and “cut off the head of this SNAKE”?

We shall see.