To Deal With Julian Assange

It is becoming more clear each day that passes, that the simple approach to Mr. WikiLeaks is to arrest him.

With the latest information regarding his arrest and “Super Double Secrete” encrypted documents makes it even easier.

Arrest him.

Then when he releases the code to access those encrypted documents, without redaction, you can not only get him on “Supposed” National Treason, but Actual National and World Treason.

Then you can find him guilty by his own hand, and hang him until dead.

It would only be his “Trump card” that would allow this, since the U.S. Supreme Liberal Court has taken all the bite out of the Constitution and the Treason clause by stating that the “Reporter” could not be held accountable for the criminal theft of National Secrets. (I guess it extends, Don’t punish the messenger?).

Anyway, Julian Assange of Wikileaks is not a reporter. He is a terrorist. And his latest THREAT should be pushed. Make him play his hand. Then he will have shown the world for what he is and we the world can start the healing.

If we let him play by his rules, this bleeding will continue even longer than the present depression which we are in. And that is a long time.

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