Reaction to Wikileaks

With the crowning of our supreme leader America has been steadily
declining in all relevant measurements.

We have put a person in charge of the most powerful army, at one time
the strongest economy, and I believe still the most resourceful people
in the world.
And yet, this same man, leader of the Free World, has the belief that no
one should be stronger than any other. No one should be richer than
any other. That “Social Fairness” should be the moderating idea that
propells all to mediocrity.

Under this new environment of mediocrity and procrastination, the rest
of the world has gone insane. Leading to the release and public display
of the most sensitive States Secrets ever in human history.

Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks has not stuck a blow at America.
Frankly, although the information comes from the U.S., it impacts other
countries more severely that America. He has then, struck a blow at
human society and civility. He has, allegedly with the help of
Specialist Bradley Mannin, put the entire world safety at risk.

The solution to this problem is straight forward and necessary.
1 – politely, but with tremendous authority, tell whatever country is
presently harboring Julian Assange, that we will be taking him into
custody, and putting him on trial for “Crimes Against Humanity”.
We will then, quickly find him guilty and sentence him to serve at
Guantanamo Bay for the rest of his life, no parole.

2 – arrest and try Specialist Bradley Mannin for Treason against America,
and when found guilty, sentence him to death by hanging.

3 – Immediately, without reserve, apologize to the rest of the world
for allowing this breach of security, sovereignty and personal trust.
Stand up for the failures in our own house, and ensure to the world that
this will not happen again.

Only after completing these three actions will the world begin a process
of healing the damage that these two malcontents caused upon all humans.