Transforming America

The Obama Administration is a powerful force to reckon with.
Expatriating businesses, health care, the destruction of our
economy and money, and the lack of border security.
These features of his “Reign of Power” are suffocating the life
right out of America, one breath at a time.

But they are no where near the life threatening force that the
two most powerful, unregulated, appointed, self sustaining
entities of the TSA and the EPA.
These two “Agencies” are a bigger threat to our country and
our Constitution than any president or congress member of group
could present.

They are unaccountable to the people. They are not voted in or
out. They do not report to their employers.
They just are.
And they have the ability to take away everything that our
constitution has given us, without even the slightest chance
that we can fight back.

They dictate, we must comply.

Even the IRS has more compassion to it’s employer (the tax payer)
than either of these two agencies.

They directly cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands through the
dictate that certain chemicals cannot be used. Malaria and now bed bugs
have not only caused death of people, but is now threatening the life
of business.

Personal freedoms are being washed away by these agencies at a rapid and
accelerating pace. Freedom such as land use and privacy are melting away
at a pace that would make Chavez or Castro proud.

It is time that we stand up to these agencies, and if we are unable to
dismantle them, we must at least stop them. Suffocate them through
defunding their charter as they are suffocating us through the
stripping of our personal rights.