Ballot Shortage, My A$$

The Liberal/Democrat party has been operating on the edges of
legality for many years.
Each election year there is some voting anomaly that miraculously
changes the election to their favor.

Magically, “The Lost” bag or box of ballots shows up, just in the
nick of time to sway the election.

Connecticut 2010 is just the same old story, replayed with a new

Imagine running out of ballots. How could that be possible. I mean,
they must know how many people were registered to vote. That tells
one exactly how many ballots to acquire.
Elections, presidential or mid-term, is no reason for compromise. You
just don’t go into it with less ballots than registered voters. Not ever.
Elections in the U.S. are not third world events. You don’t make it up
as you go. It is more important than the cost of printing and
recycling the ballots.

No, I propose that “running out of ballots” was planned. It plays into
the Democratic hope for “deus ex machina”.
In order to facilitate the “Lost Ballots”, they first had to make sure
that photocopied ballots or extra ballots were available.
Another play-action pass was required. That was provided by the “Extended
hours” allows for voting. This giving time to prepare the action.
Finally, zero hour. And “Viola!”, we have, delivered by the hand of God,
a mysterious bag of freshly minted ballots that were not yet counted.
AND, to make matters even better, they lean heavily to the left.

Imagine if they leaned right?!
Wow, I wonder.

Anyway, there was never any doubt. They were hand crafted for just this
occasion. I am sure the plan was put in place as soon as the new voting
system was decided upon.

Ahhhhh, what a great world it is when one can dictate the outcome of an
election by simple Incompetence of a single group (SEEC).