If You're NOT the Solution, You ARE the Problem

So, Christine won in Delaware. That is really good news to me, as Mr. Castle was, based on his voting record, not just a RINO, but an absolute Liberal.

Then we hear news like:


An NRSC official made clear Tuesday night that it has no plans to assist the Tea Party Express-backed O’Donnell financially.

That is just dandy. So the Bozo’s at the NRSC feel that at this time, when the Republican/Conservative/Tea Party position is putting up for the fight of a life time, in preparations to save the country from almost certain Socialism and failure, they decide that it just might not be in our best interests to support a true Constitutional Conservative.

What a shameful pack of weak backed, staunch RINO’s.

It is time that we all band together to save our country. United we stand, Divided we fall. And if you are not part of the solution, you are absolutely part of the problem.

I, for one, am glad that I did not give to the NRSC. Instead I gave directly to the candidate that I felt best embodied my views. The money went directly to the cause that I am fighting.

Finally, I would rather live in country where C. O’Donnell loses to the Democrat, than where a Leftest RINO wins. At least with the Democrat, I knew and know his position. But with Castle, I would always be watching behind me, afraid of that repeated "knife in the back" voting record of spend-liberal-spend.

We must, absolutely MUST now stand as one party united and embrace the best of each of us!