Failure to Understand 'The Vote'. What is wasted?

Somewhere America has managed to diverge from the true meaning of the vote.

It was not intended by our founding fathers to be misguided vote for the winner. It is meant to express our desires to place a candidate into a position that most accurately expresses our likes and thoughts.

For some reason, there is the idea that you can actually ‘waste’ your vote. That is utterly hogwash! If  you have thought about the candidates, their voting records and their life style, and you chose them based on that knowledge, then your vote is NOT WASTED! Whether they win or lose, your vote is not wasted.

If, on the other hand, you blindly follow the rhetoric of a friend, a party, a union, or a popular T.V. or Radio host, then you vote can be considered bought.

Finally, if you just sit back on the couch, complain about your life, taxes, mortgage or health care and do not vote, primary or not, then you have TRULY WASTED A VOTE!


Vote your conscience, and you cannot be wrong.