Terrorism, it Just Works

Way back in my early school days we learned about terrorism. I don’t
remember much, the part of the world where terrorism was
seemed so far away. BUT, the one thing I did understand and remember to
this day is this.
Civil Society cannot win a war against Terrorism.

If you treat the terrorists as if they were civil members of society,
they will win. Their tactics are designed to instill fear and instability
into the lives of those they hate. If you treat them kindly, and afford
them the rights of society, they will use those attributes against you.
And they win.

On the other hand, if you were to act against them as they act against
you, you will inflame the innocent. They will look at you as barbarous
and inhuman. Using the only actions that terrorists understand against
them will, by default, bring you down to their level. And that is not
the way of civility. So they win.

Terrorism is not just killing and bombing. You don’t need to bring down
buildings to win the game.

Just the thought of a Mosque at "Ground Zero" has divided the county.
Pitting side against side. Creating a rift in the very society which
we hope to protect and THEY desire to destroy.

Dry run flights of TERROR is the new fad. Staging mock airplane flights
is the new thing. It will take time, but it will work. Civil people are
now more aware of the dangers that could occur on a plane. They are
expressing fear. The terrorists are having their way, twofold. They are
instilling fear, thereby inducing the creation of more rules and regulations
taking away our rights and freedoms. They are also slowly developing a
social callus towards their game. They are "crying wolf". And they know
that sooner than later, we will no longer pay attention to their game.
Over stuffed jackets, cell phones strapped to bottles. Suspicious
personal activities will all become the norm. And then they strike.

But it is the fear that they induce that is their true goal. The fear
they cultivate is the driving force that ‘permits’ a civil society to
take away those rights and freedoms that make it what it is. The
creation of more laws, and the removal or more freedoms will end up
tormenting the society itself. Society will become it’s own worst
And there are no bombs. No deaths, other than freedom.

When you don’t have a plan, and your leader does not subscribe to
‘Wining’ your options are limited. The answer is loss of freedom and
torment by law.
That is the path of America, our legacy to our future.
Unless we act now and very decisively, the score will be
Terrorists 1: American Society 0

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