School, Taxes and Education

It is not of primary importance here, but this whole school and taxes and education is driving me crazy.

It is a commonly believed myth that if we spend enough money we can fix anything. Well we see in the bailout, spending surge by the present ministration and congress that, no, it really cannot. If we throw money at the car industry, we can compel people to buy more cars. Again, that is a big negatory. You cannot even buy a personal relationship. Money is no substitute for real caring and personal time.

And, as we see at the beginning of every school year, and at the start every election cycle, once again the idea that we can just spend more money and get the failing schools to pump out college ready, top educated students. Well, just like the other examples, I can predict, based on many previous years of example, that this too will not work.

Simply, there are really only two tried and true methods of raising a students score.

1 – lower the requirements. Dumb it down. Don’t seek for all to be the best. Shoot for ‘just passing’, and lower the marking to make it look like this is good.

2 – parental intervention. The parent does NOT have to be a super genius to make a difference. All they have to do is WANT to make a difference. Intervention at home is the best policy. Make the children study. Help them when you can. Praise them for doing well. Reward them for excelling. Support them when they have trouble.

Teachers have a tough job, but they cannot make a major impact in the education of their students. Perhaps one or two, but not in general. Especially in today’s environment when we are more interested in raising the grades then true education.

Nope, sorry, but money, schools, teachers, more teachers, computers, books fancy sports arenas. They just don’t cut it.

The only serious way to actually improve education is through the parents of the students. That is were the learning begins and ends. The desire to learn, the love to read, the realization that what they are learning is important and useful to their lives comes from the one entity that money just cannot buy.

Mom and Dad.

And now I will thank them for the effort that they gave me. Thanks

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