McCain: Not Now, Not for the Future

It is amazing that Arizona, so embroiled in a fight against the U.S. Government over the status of immigration and their borders,  could even be contemplating supporting a non-starter like John McCain.

As the Republican candidate for the last Presidential election, John had shown his true colors. He is a non-starter. Not once did he campaign against the Democratic candidate. He never once put issues on the floor and showed the public why the Conservative route was the only plan for success.

He never once pushed back against the incessant drive towards socialism, the redistribution of wealth, “…No one should be too rich or too poor..” attitude of the liberal left candidate.

BUT, today we see him pulling all the stops. Millions of dollars of his own (much left over from his presidential campaign) being spent to combat a fellow republican. Fellow only in title, as J. McCain’s past record shows that he is more like a center to center-left RINO.

So, it would truly amaze me if Arizona, “The Leader” of states rights, under the strong and well guided hand of Jan Brewer, could even think of supporting J. McCain for their Conservative candidate.

We The People need all the help we can get, and J. McCain ain’t gonna give it. Don’t let yourselves down, Arizona. For heaven’s sake, push him to retirement early if for no other reason than to say you want real change, and the encombants are just not doing it.

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