How to Increase Unemployment 101

It is always astounding to see politicians attempt to lead a horse to water AND make him drink.
I read this morning an article in Telegraph.co.uk
Business facing a wave of green taxes
Thousands of British businesses will be liable for significant fines and charges under a new government “green tax” scheme.
Companies that fail to register their energy use by next month will be hit with fines that could reach £45,000 under the little-known rules.
Those that do participate in the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) initiative by declaring their energy use will face charges for every ton of greenhouse gas they produce.
These payments are expected to average £38,000 a year for medium-sized firms, and could reach £100,000 for larger organizations.
First, it seems that it is a better choice to NOT register.
This would then lead us to believe that this is, pure and simple, extortion by the government on business.
The logical result of this is simple.
Close the doors and move. Thousands of workers will be put on the Government dole.
Billions of tax revenues will be lost.
Import / Export will go even more out of balance.
And those remaining will be left holding the bag. The tax bag.
Will these “fly by night” legislators never wake up?
You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink.