U.S. Government: Too Big To Fail

This, based on the statements of the present administration regarding the idea that any company that is not capable of sustaining itself with a required percentage of “Cash on Hand”.

We saw it with GM and Chrystler.

We saw it in the finance industry.

The banking industry.

And now it is formalize in the newly released, hot off the press, banking and investment regulations.

We The People can conclude that, as sad as it may sound, we are required to dismantle our present government. It presents a liability to the future existence of the United States that, if left unchecked, would certainly spell disaster for all who live and work here.

So, that being said, it should be taken by all individuals and states to reclaim the responsibilities once reserved for the states, but usurped by The Government. In addition, those responsibilities once reserved for The Government should be rescinded,  and a new government, built on the foundations of ‘The Constitution’ of the United States be created.

Too Big to Fail requires that the U.S. Government be decommissioned.