Ground Zero: History Revisited

Apparently there is an overwhelming public opinion against the Mosque planned for Ground Zero deployment.

There a quite a few ideas and reasons for not allowing this to be built. Some question the sensitivity to those who died. Some declare it will become a “Training Ground” for terrorists. Perhaps it will be the “Ellis Island” for insurgents into the U.S.

Less likely, but still within the realm of thought, is that is just might be another Mosque. A place for American Muslims to practice our right of the First Amendment.

But, which ever it is, let us not forget that there is no one Muslim doctrine. Like the the Christians, there are many ‘sects’ in the Islamic religion. And they don’t agree with each other.

Unlike the Christians of today, they really don’t like each other. In fact, they kill, torture and oppress each other.

So, we have to look at this new Mosque as a possible intra-Islamic target. It could be that it would end up as a new “Ground Zero”, not because terrorists are attacking Americans, but because terrorists are attacking Muslim Americans.