Are You a Low Level Offender"?

Reading posts from “MyWay news” we are priviledged to enjoy an article about the collection of DNA from ALL Criminals in the State of New York

NY law would be 1st to take DNA from all criminals
ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) – Gov. David Paterson has proposed roughly doubling New York’s DNA database to include samples from even low-level offenders, making it the first in the nation to so broadly collect and use this evidence to solve crimes and exonerate people wrongly convicted.

“DNA is the most powerful tool ever discovered to solve crimes, prevent crimes and exonerate the innocent, but remarkably in New York State we are still collecting DNA from only 46 percent of the criminals convicted,” he said.

We know that it is not infallible. There have been cases of DNA failure due to genetic anamolies (cases of chimera for example), though admittedly, they are rare.

But a more frightening realization is that the DNA will be sampled from those convicted or even minor infractions.

Speeding, driving through a stop light, faulty tail light, no lights with wipers. These are among the many “automatic” type of infractions for which a person may be stopped and convicted.
You might try to plead it down, but you are still admitting guilt. I will be you will still get the “Swab”, though you may not get “Points”.

This gives the state of N.Y. the ability to basically pick and chose the next batch of “Swabbies”.
Picture this.
You are driving down an expressway in New York. Maybe it’s late, the road is populated, but not crowded. You are doing 7 miles an hour over the speed limit and your left tail light is out.
A police officer driving behind you scans your plate (automatically happens when they drive up behind you) and notices that you are speeding, a light is out, and then the RED FLAG appears, the state does not yet have a DNA sample of you. Bingo!
You are getting a first class ticket to the court house.

Funny? Yes. But it will happen. The more people on the list, the more complete the database, the better the odds that they will have more people on the list.
In the same way your new garage becomes too small after a year, and a government can never have too much tax money, the desire and need for more DNA samples will become insatiable.

We will be tormented by those we pay to protect us.
All in the name of “Proecting the Public”, and making the state, country or world a safer place to live.