On Right to Work

Now I am not saying that we should band the existence of Unions. At one time they existed to protect the worker from the egregious acts of “Thug” owned business. Business owners that would sell the sole of their mother to get an extra nickel profit.

No, I don’t believe that we should outlaw these terrorist groups from controlling the large part of our economy or our government. After all, at one time they provided the safety and protection of the “Little guy”.

But I would like to see a bill raised and passed through our National Government, that perhaps would amend The United States Constitution, that provides for the “Right to Work” in all 50 states.

There are a handful of states now that declare that the pursuit of happiness and quest for liberty include the “Right to Work”. Free from the controls and extortion of the “Gangland” operations of Unions.
These states declare that anyone can work if they are qualified to do the job.

I would like to see this same idea pushed right into The Constitution. Don’t ban Unions. Let them also have the right to assemble. That already is provided in The Constitution. But let them share the stage, on an equal footing wit those that do not choose to be a subservient underling of a Tyrannical group.

Let each employer pick and choose his employees based on their individual merit. What can they provide and at what cost. I am sure that there will be many skilled and qualified Union and non-Union persons available for each job position.

This is not a fight. This is not prejudice for or against any one group based on any attributes of that group.
This is a declaration that All Citizens of the United States should have the Right to “Fair Choice” in hiring practices. Individuals should have the same chance for all job opportunities as those belonging to a Union. For ALL positions Public and Private.

The “Right to Work” should be included in our Inalienable Rights as American Citizens. Not based on the state in which you live, but based on the country in which you live. America.