How Much Oil? All of it!

I now exactly how much oil is bleeding into the Gulf of Mexico.
All Of It!

And truly, that is all we really need to know. Guessing the number of barrels or gallons or buses or swimming pools worth of oil is leaking is a nice diversion. Something that is fun for the MSM to write about, but it really has no bearing on stopping or cleaning up the problem. It is fun to theorize and postulate the number of barrels. Everyone has a different answer. And a different method of getting the answer. But, listen folks, It Really Doesn’t Matter!

All that is not being captured is bleeding into the Gulf. That’s it! Period! Done!

So now let us spend all of that energy on figuring out how to clean it up. One gallon at a time.

Let us figure out how to stop the bleeding.

The President’s approach so far has the markings of a homework assignment for High School. “Write a paper on your theories or ideas relating to how you might react to a Catastrophic event threating the country”. Extra points are given if you can name a culprit and force them to pay for the actual AND theoretical damages that have and might be incurred by the country and/or it’s inhabitants. Actual examples or actions are not required.

So the next time someone asks or even points out the number of gallons you can tell them, you know exactly how many, “All of the oil is leaking”. Who cares? Clean it up!