Who's Ass to Kick?

How about your own!

Well, it’s nice to sit around and talk.
Lot’s of good ideas.
Lot’s of back slapping, yucking it up.

But talk is cheap! Talk has never gotten anything
Not for public relations.
No solutions to physical problems.
No resolutions to country disputes.

Not one real problem in the world, in all of history
has been solved with TALK.

So, Mr. President. Perhaps you can get off your bum
and start doing.
Take a stab at it.
Fail if you have to.

But for God’s sake, DO SOMETHING!

At least, if you are not going to DO, then let others
that have ideas do.
Get off the backs of the real problem solvers. Take you
boot off the neck of the only company, the only group of
men and women willing to stick their necks out, make
decisions and attempt to solve this problem.
Yeh, they have failed a few times. But they are DOING.

You are doing NOTHING.

Talk is cheap.

Those who can DO, those who can’t TALK about doing.

You, Mr. President, happen to be one of the TALKERS.