Ignorance is Bliss

It really never ceases to amaze me, the ignorance of so many
of the Bloggers and responders to blog and news articles.

Case in point, the oil disaster that we have going right now
in the Gulf is producing a lot of articles and more entertainment
by way of the comments those articles are generating.

“Thank you BP!”

“yeah thanks bp u have killed us all.”

“They’re going to kill the entire Gulf of Mexico. Unbelievable. Pump in toxic dispersants so all the oil DISSOLVES right into the deepest water–BRILLIANT.”

“I blows my mind how these idiots had NO IDEA how to handle a crisis if one occurred.”

Obviously comments made from the peanut galleray.

I would ask of the authors of these commants, “do you know how to tie your shoes?”
I would hope they all reponded with a yes.

Then I would ask if they can tie thier shoes with only the pinky on their left hand.

That is what we have here.
Oil drilling is hard and dangerous. In the ocean is a magnitude more difficult. It being done so people can sit in their local coffee shop and type ignorant resonses to a real world crisis on their IPads and drive their stupid hybrid cars (yup, how do you think the electic is generated to charge that toy).
They think that is their right to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
That there is some magic Genie that creates the electric to run all the social meeting places they gather on in the WWW.

These dopes should get a real job. Join the human race and experience what real survival is.

This is an accident that turned into a disaster.
OK, we all suffer for that.

BP suffers.
The coast line states suffer (most likely the entire East coast of North and Central Americal.
World prices will suffer.
The environment suffers.
The animal kindom suffers.

But it serves no purpopse blaming anyone for an accident. And all corrective activity must be fair game in the solution to the problem.
We MUST attack this problem in the same manor as one of those raging forrest fires in California. Many of those are started by accident. And then become disastes!
Most likely, it was one of these Blog Dopes that started it.

But whining provides no solution!
Blaming and litigation provides no solution!

Stopping the leak is the solution!
Cleaning the mess is the solution!

If you are not part of the Solution….
Then you are the problem. In that case shut up and get out of the way!