We Just Want to be Friends

President B. Husein Obama declared, during his campaign
and as followed through during his tenure thus far, to reach
out an open hand of friendship to the rest of the world.
To apologize for “American Arrogance”. And to make amends
with our enemies.

Thus showing the world that we are desiring to play fairly
and be a part of the greater World good.

Apparently, the world is not as nice a place to live as the
“Rainbows and Unicorns” Utopia that exists in his tiny mind.

We can see, as posted by Drudge Report the following
news headlines for today:

US Prepares for Largest Battle in Afghanistan…
North Korea bracing, severing all ties with South….
New Chinese aggression..
Israel drill raises tensions…

Perhaps we are seeing a real world enactment of:
“When the cat’s away, the mice will play”.
I think America should wake up from the hypnotic sleep
imposed by the dream of Perfect Social Utopia and realize
that other countries don’t believe in rainbows and unicorns.
They are trying to take over their little, sometimes rather large,
corner of the world.

We just might get swept under the rug as being irrelevant. Or worse,
we might be viewed as a valuable asset, ripe for takeover.