No Use Crying Over Spilt Oil

It seems that when BP first experienced the ‘Accident’ in
the gulf, it was taken as just that and BP started the process
of evaluation and attack of the problem.

We are now weeks into this problem as it has evolved from an
accident to a disaster.
It became apparent, after about day two that this was a situation
that is greater than the monetary or man power capacities of a single

The President of the United States sat, and is sitting, on his front
porch playing his violin watching the accident become a disaster. He is
showing his complete lack of experience, creativity knowledge of
handling REAL problems.
Oh, make no mistake, he is good at blaming. He is good a pointing
fingers. Of that we have not doubt. We have seen that many times.
But, in the arena of actually taking a “bull by the horns” and
wrestling it to the ground. Well, let’s just say, playing the violin
is much more appealing.

The scope of this “Disaster” is now way beyond the capacity of a
company, and our government must step in a take over complete
responsibility. Pointing fingers and useless rhetoric about
who is going to pay or get paid is just waisting time. We need
action not words.

President Obama once again is proving that he is just a bag of
hot air. Talking, blaming, and pointing fingers.

I want action. Let us get someone in there to take action.
“Shoot first and ask questions later”.