All Idle Threats

are just that, idle threats. There is no real meat behind these threats. For the most part, this is a release of one and a half years of frustration.
Frustration brought about by a few in congress and lead by a president that together determined that they know what is best for Our country.
Even though the general population declared in poll after poll that we are NOT behind this legislation. That we are NOT behind the ‘take over’ of the American dream, Our Government determined that their constituents are not smart enough to know.

I would suggest that this is not anger over Democrat or Republican.

It is not anger over Liberal or Conservative.
This is the absolute result of President Obama’s desire to an end. And in that desire, is willing to go to any means required to get there. A perfect S. Alinsky student. He has, from the first day of this Inauguration, worked to divide our country along every single rift we have. Through division there is victory.
While we are all fighting amongst ourselves, he and his merry band of traitors have consumed our country. And are morphing it into a worse world than our founders had escaped from.

No, I wouldn’t blame the left for the right.
The House or the Senate.
Not even your friend or neighbor.

No, I put the blame right where it belongs.
In the lap of the Master Almighty. President Obama.

He has the power to unite, but instead chose to divide.

Divide and conquer.