Remember in November

Remember when you were free.
Remember when you could decide the fate of your health.

Remember the day that the government, with the stroke of a pen, decreased
your salary by more than $7000.00. (will clarify later)

Remember who your House and Senate representatives are and let them know that you do remember. You will not tolerate the loss of your freedom, or the loss of your income through this ‘Marxist’ Spread the Wealth Health care.

Remember with the stroke of YOUR pen, or finger, or switch, at the voting booth. Do not let them forget, ever!

OK, back to the numbers.
I would guess that generally, the average split (other than THOSE special Unions) for employee/employer health care premiums is about 1/3(employee) to 2/3 (employer).

And another simple assumption is that a family health plan is about $21000.00 per year (that just makes it simple to to the calculations).
Also, an employer will be fined $2500.00 per employee that is not provided health care.
Finally, an employee will have to pay $15000.00 per year for his own policy.

Obvious conclusion:
the employer WILL drop you. He will realize an immediate positive cash flow of about $11500.00 per employee (2/3 of $21000.00 – $2500 penalty).

The employee will realize an immediate $8000.00 loss in income ($15000.00 government plan – 1/3 of $21000.00).

So, when you are wondering where your vacation, college, mortgage or mad money went to,

Remember in November!
that is is presently being given to someone else