My Choice - Government Run Catastrophic Health Care

My Choice – Government Run Catastrophic Health Care

So, as Sunday rolls around and the time nears that we see the end
of almost everything we have come to appreciate.
Our freedom, our rights to our life, our choices of what car, house,
state we live are all balancing on a knife’s edge.
We are now at the point where we, the free and the brave, must start
making serious and hard choices.

I think that one of these choices is not as hard as it might be.
These ‘fly-by-night’ liberal politician hacks are playing this hand like
a beginner at chess.
They are looking to the next move, but totally ignoring the end
They decided that they want single payer health care.
They decided that they want to remove the obvious requirement of
“pre-existing conditions”
They decided that they want of force to play, or fine all members
of the united states.

OK, well let’s play their game.
Right now, even with company support, a family plan will cost a
non-union (protected group) employee about one third of $24,000.00.
that is about $8000.00.

Catastrophic health care, right now (will be illegal in the plan days),
costs about $8000.00 for a family. Maybe less, maybe more. But either
way, it is much lower than full rate health insurance.

The penalty for NOT playing in the new Socialized – Government
Single payer extortion plan is about $350 per person. That is a
total of about $1400.00 per family.

So, here is my plan.

Pay the penalty.
Pay for your own visits – you have about $8000.00 in your pocket to
spend on visits and meds.

If you get in an accident, life threatening accident, cancer, etc.
Walk up to your favorite LIBERAL hack and demand that they cover your
Remember, they chose to eliminate “Pre-existing condition”.

So, either way, you are covered.

In the end, our Socialist brethren are instituting the one plan
they wish to make illegal.

Catastrophic Health care.
They cannot protect themselves from ALL working, free, members of
America taking advantage of the plan.

Thanks Dr. Obama, this is exactly the plan I was looking for.
A really cheap, full protection, plan without pre-existing