You Are NOT The Future

If you are reading this, no matter what your age,
or your political bend, or you race,creed,color, or that you
are male or female.
Understand that you are not the future.
You cannot, but for one action, impact the future. The best you can do is modify the present.

The Government we have now. The governments in all other countries, despite their feeling of omnipotence and their ruling with an iron fist (ours included) are NOT the future. They cannot, but for one stroke of the pen, affect the future.
Their power, as well as ours, is in the present. What the Government dictates, what we ALLOW them to dictate, affects only our present.
Taxes: present.
Jobs: present.
War: present.

You get my drift. Nothing they can do affects the future.
EXCEPT on nasty, little thing can be construed as the most Obama-nible action of all humanity. That is the squelching of our future generation.
The taking, for any reason. the unborn life of a child is the single, ABSOLUTE solitary action that any person or thing can do that truly affects the future.
In the unbound mind of that one child may live the ideas, thoughts and desires to act that profoundly changes our existence.
In that one innocent life may be the next Washington, Lincoln, Marx, Hitler, Einstein, Newton, Efram Cochran (warp speed ship?).
Yes, he can be on the side of goodness or badness.

But our Government is about to pass a bill without voting on it that for the first time, will be and act by our Government that can truly change the world’s future.
They want to make aborting not only legal, but paid for by the people of this once great country. It is a dictate that all must have a hand in changing our future. We must all bear the responsibility of not allowing these innocent lives to exist.
With the same excuse as posed by an execution firing squad, many shoot, only one has the bullet, we can put all citizens behind the gun, but each has the ‘lame’ excuse that thier gun did not have the bullet.

Well, it doesn’t work that way.
If we allow this to happen. If we allow this vote to stand. And we make no action to correct it in November, then we all have a hand in the death of our future.

We are NOT the future.
Our children are NOT the future.

The unborn, waiting for their turn ARE THE FUTURE for all.
And our Government is conspiring against them.
Don’t let this happen.