Desperate Act of Defiance

It looks like the Rich, Powerful, and Government leaders are planning a takeover of our country. We can no longer wait until November. There are evil doers afoot.

I suggest that today, this weekend or very early next week, we all make a point regarding our feelings towards this action by extracting all of our money from our bank accounts.

This will ensure that this money is not able to be confiscated by the government as the  U.S. economy falls into the ocean. There is no fear of loss of interest, as the system has set up a minimal, if any, reward for the loans we give the banking industry anyway.

It is perfectly legal to request your money. After all it is not yet a mandate that you give all of your money to the government banking industry.

We should all start contracting our investments. Hunker down, with your back to the wind.

This is a bad time for all, not just the working middle class. All of us, poor and rich, working and unemployed, legal and illegal. We will all pay for the extravagance of the criminals that we have unknowingly elected into office.

“THEY CAME FIRST for the Rich, …”

But they will not stop. The rules of the game, which stood the test of time and family fighting and racial issues and financial woes and world wars, the rules that have been passed from one generation to the next, protected by knowledge, understanding and hard work, no longer matter. Our leaders have chosen to abandon our past and our future. They choose to make a “brave new world” in their own image.

So, start now, gather what you own, protect it as best you can. The pain is coming.