Strange Bed Fellows

It is interesting how, politics can make strange
bed fellows.
We are witnessing the growth of true Bipartisanship. This is truly what Mr. Obama had promised in his campaign for President.

The Obamacare push has gone to such an extreme, has so polarized the nation , the Senate and the House, that we are seeing a fundamental breakdown of the line that separates the two(only two?) parties.

Previous activities from previous Administrations brought focus to the very clear line of Liberal/Democrat and Conservative/Republican. There very little shade of grey in this wonderful partnership.

But in today’s environment, with jobs, health-care, economy and in general the fabric of our government all being ripped out by the roots and used as fodder to create a “Brave New World”, we are witness to what can only be described as a political Miracle.

The most Conservative players of our nation are grasping, if for only this one speck in time, the most Liberal players.
We are, for this one moment, marching shoulder-to-shoulder into the battle against one common enemy. Obamacare.

It seems of little importance why we both oppose it. the Right inherently detest the excessive and rapid growth of an oppressive government. The Left inherently detest the lack of growth of a more powerful, but benevolent government. But in the end, for our own reasons, we are marching together to cause, at least temporarily, a stop to this madness.

So let us enjoy this moment. Sit back and revere in the fact that Mr. Obama has, at least for this one instance and not really as he wanted, actually delivered on one of his campaign promises. Well almost.

We extend a hand across the isle, not Obama.
We the Conservatives and We the Liberals are grasping for the open hand of the other to face the one-common-enemy.


“The enemy of my enemy is my friend”