Myopic Priorities of Personal Actions

It is amazing to me that there can be such a disparity in reactions towards our public leaders based on their actions.

For instance, take a comparison between the actions by David Patter and the media/political response vs. the actions of Rep. Charles Rangel.

david patterson:
yankees tix
domestic violence interference

Rep. Charles B. Rangel
failed to report $75000.00
Tax Break Benefits A Contributor
Failing To Report Assets of $660000.00
Rent controlled campaign office
Congressional office letterhead to solicit donors
Rangel and four other Democratic lawmakers took trips to the Caribbean that were funded and organized by an organization called the Carib News Foundation.

Yet, the entire country is calling for David to resign.

While C. Rangel is being protected by the liberal left by describing his as actions of little or no consequence.

It angers me to think that even though the actions of C.R. are much more severe to the reputation of our government and our country, he is getting the free ride while David is being run out of town by the president and his enterage of hitmen for much less severe actions.