No One Left to Blame

In its most recent incarnation, the President and his administration have done a lot of blaming.

Blaming the last administration for THE Wars.
Blaming the last administration for THE Economy.
Blaming the last administration for THE Jobs market, THE Housing failures, THE Bank failures.

You name it, they “Blame it on Bush”.

That is all well and good. Some of these events might the caused by or at least irritated by the last administration.

The in it’s present form, Mr. Obama is the only one that can be blamed for the failure to correct these problems.

He has failed to deliver on his campaign promises, which cannot be blamed on anyone but himself.

Transparency: That one failed immediately. There were no instances reaching across the party lines, or to the public, to aid in restoring this great country to an even keel. Closed door meetings, surprise weekend votes, and Rush/Rush/Rush to push back room bills down the throats of the American public are the hallmark of this administration.

Job loss and Bank failures. The “Bail Out” was promised to provide the absolute halt to these two problems. “You have to spend money to save money” was the mantra of the present administration. Well, we have spent. And Spent. AND SPENT. But alas, to no avail. Jobs are still dropping like flies. The banks are still failing or failing to lend. AND money keeps flying out the door. The Spending hasn’t stopped. The market is no better. And the job situation is more pathetic than ever.

An unjust and incorrect war. It sounded really good during the campaign, when Mr. Obama promised to “End the war”. That really rallied a lot of troops. The problem was, if you were listening, he also promised to escalate another war. And he promised that that would be the war to win. Now we find that he doesn’t like the word “win”. It sounds like there may be a loser. But he is still escalating that new war. And he is continuing the old war. And he is basically following the playbook of President Bush!

Added to the “lame duck” administration (which is in it’s infancy and has a super majority in the House and one vote shy in the Senate) inability to curb the “failures” of the previous administration, we are now entering a new era of failure. High inflation, High taxes and Bigger government.
These are his. The road we now follow is 100% manufactured by our “Leader in Chief”, Mr. Obama. He is the architect of our future.

The frailties and failures of the previous administration can be debated for a long time. These can be used as fodder to gains votes and fend off attackers.
But there is no hiding from one’s own legacy.
Mr. Obama has failed at almost every turn in his tenure so far.
He failed at correcting the existing situation.
He failed at keeping his own promises to his voting public.
And he is failing the nation by leading down a “rat hole” that WILL lead to the failure of the Country.
And he cannot blame President Bush for that.