JTS - Terrorist Justice System?

The criminal justice system in the United States is
NOT capable of dealing with terrorist of any level.

This can be seen by observing the procedures and rules
defined for the system in order to protect the rights
and privileges of the U.S. citizen.

1 – you are guaranteed to be tried by a jury of your peers.
That ensures the person being charged that they will not be railroaded
by a specialized group who wishes them harm.
Case in point would be a jury of white KKK jurors trying
a black man. There is little room for truth in a trial held
with those participants.

2 – you are guaranteed a speedy trial.
This is to ensure that you are not held for an undue length of
time in jail while awaiting, and during your trial. This ensures
that the prosecuting lawyer and “judge” and jury do not play
games with the system to keep the accused incarcerated without
being declared guilty.
This has already been broken, as those being accused have been
in “prison” for up to 9 years.

3 – the rules of evidence ensure that the manufacture of
false evidence proving guilt or deletion of evidence proving
innocence are not possible. It would be a travesty of U.S.
justice to allow a person to be incarcerated based on false
or missing evidence.

When these and the many other rules of “American Blind Justice”
are applied, the outcome of a court case is not as cut and dry
as one would believe.

There are many cases showing the amazing results of just these

Al Capone escaped being jailed many times through the proper use
of the “System’s” rules. It wasn’t until the Tax Man came around
that he was nabbed for good.

John Gotty Jr. just escaped the “hang man’s noose” once again
based on the rules of our courts and I would believe a smattering
of intimidation.

O. J. Simpson was freed based on the “bastardization” of the
evidence rules.

These three men, as horrific as their deeds were, were all freed
by our “Justice System”.

The “Alleged Terrorists” (let us be fair now, that is only right),
have been incarcerated for up to nine years. The evidence is more or
less hearsay, and I dare say, we will not be able to find a jury
of their peers. What would that look like? Should it include the
the likes of O. Bin Laden, H. Chavez and F. Castro?

No, I see this a grand stage effort to say we are sorry. A justification
to let set them free, possibly even give them a foundation for
a law suit against the American people. It cannot work, and it will
cost the U.S. money, heartache, and our safe future.

They should be held in military courts, in Gitmo, out of the view
of all cameras. Out sight. Heck, the cost will be a bargain
compared to doing it in the U.S. Gitmo already has superb security and
the “criminals” are already there.