Grow The Grades

It is no stretch of the imagination that one of the
greatest tools of society is education. The power
of thought and ideas is the foundation for growth
of the body and mind. It is also the foundation of
growth for the family and society.

In the overly complicated world we live in today,
education must come from both the family and the

Our communities spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year
educating or at least attempting to educate our children.
For through the works of their hands and the ideas
spawned in their minds are the future of our culture and our

We have come up with many tools to aid in our
children’s growth. Schools, Teachers, Books, Government
Spending, but we still have not grasped ‘Brass Ring’.
We are getting close, but just missing.

I believe that the primary failure is that we are applying
the failure/reward paradigm to the wrong end of the horse.
We create tools to measure the success of the school and then
praise or punish the school for the failure of the student.
This is not just a ‘President Bush era idea. It has been going
on for centuries.

I propose that we drop the incentives for schools. It doesn’t
work. You just cannot push on a rope. If the student doesn’t
want to learn, or cannot. Or the family doesn’t impress on the
student that learning is good for ALL, then you have failed.
No matter how hard you push, the rope will crumble.

Let us drop this for another proposal. Perhaps if we reward the
individual we will get better results. Perhaps if we threw
down a rope and helped each person attain the brass ring, then
as a society we will all gain.

So to that end, I suggest that we take the hundreds of
millions of dollars that we would be using bribe the
schools and the teachers through the test/succeed/benefit
games we play, and give this directly to the students and
their families.

Simple idea is: for each family that has a student that gains
a full grade point in their average, we can give a tax break
of ‘X’ percent. If your family does not pay tax or you are
in the poverty level, they get an extra ‘Y’ percent in their

This pull paradigm works. Reward the individual, and I bet you
will the the group, school, town and country grow and prosper.
And I bet it will cost us less in the long run.