Obama Connect with the Little People?

I think that if our President has any chance of
regaining the confidence of the general public, he
will come to the podium, sans TOTUS, and simply say
that he will draft and have signed by all parties
a change to the constitution saying, in the most simple
manor, that:
“all parties of the United States Government including the
House of Representatives, The Senate, The Supreme Court and
the President, shall be held to and abide by all rules,
regulations, and legal bills brought upon the public by their

Then leave.

Simple and to the point.
this will put a complete stop to the partisan, special interest group
pandering that occurs daily in the course of governing “The People”.

Then they will be bound to abide by the health care policies, so no
special gold-platinum health plans for them.
They will be held to cap-and-tax, so no special planes or trips, or
high cost SUVs.
They will be bound by the laws of hiring illegals, tax fraud, waste,
corruption. etc.


they (the government) will understand that punishing “The People”
will be cause for their own punishment by their own hand.

Like the old world way of
“Choosing the method of your own death”.