"Air America" - It Ain't the Economy

What sad news we get today that "Air America", the mouth
of the liberal movement, is being shut for good.

The amazing statement by a company spokesman says it all.

"The very difficult economic environment has had a significant impact
on Air America’s business. This past year has seen a `perfect storm’ in
the media industry generally," the company said in a statement on its
Web site.

Simply, this underlines in italics the primary problem with the liberal
movement. They just don’t understand, they cannot comprehend, and they
are always looking to blame someone else.

The problem is NOT that the economy is difficult. That can be seen by
the very impressive numbers being given to Fox New station. They have
recently received over 5 times the number of viewers compared to ALL of the
other major networks for news.

Again we can see the rise in popularity of Sean Hannity, Mark Lavine,
Rush Limbaugh, and Glen Beck. Their shows (radio and TV), books and
other personal events are on the rise. They sell out at every venue.

So, Mr. Liberal, can you really stand there an blame the economy?
Can you really put your failure on the heads of others?

If you answer yes to either or both of these questions, I believe
you should travel to a deserted island. Sit on the beach, stare at
the waves and REALLY review the situation.
I am sure that once you are removed from the over bearing pressure of
trying to help everyone, redistribute wealth, curb economic recovery,
slap profitable business in chains, and increase the role of Government,
you will realize that it is not U.S., it is you.

Your ideals, your rants, your oppressive "Mother Government" power grab
that is to blame. Not the Economy.

I am not interested in seeing any business fail. That is always a sad
event. But I also believe that if the business (no matter how small or large)
is wrong to exist in the first place, or it makes incorrect business
decisions, then evolution and "the strong survive" should take over.

This country is no longer interested in the liberal game.
They want jobs.
They want the economy to return to it’s previous health.
They have spoken many, many times over in the last few months their

Perhaps the liberal left should stop and contemplate this "clarion call".