Bush Beans

Sadly, once again G.W. Bush takes it on the chin.

Apparently, in an attempt to make nice with the American
voting public, B. Husein Obama as taken on yet another

This time, with GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS of ABC, Mr. Obama
is once again declaring that the problems of this country
are not his fault but the fault of the previous administration.
So as an opening volley, Mr. Obama answers a question about
Tuesday’s vote in Massachusetts with the following:
“People are angry, and they’re frustrated.
Not just because of what’s happened in the last year or two years,
but what’s happened over the last eight years.”

It appears to be impossible for B.H. Obama to understand that the
problem might be him.
Even a fool can realize that when many events go wrong, and there is
only one person in common with all events that it is that person,
not the event that is the problem.

But not Mr. Obama.
He is so sure that he is the focus of all that is right and good for
this country, that he cannot even admit that maybe, just maybe, HE
is the problem.
Maybe his policies are the problem.

Mr. Obama, perhaps this vote in Massachusetts was directly and only
related to your policies. After all, that is what the people said
the reason was.
Is it possible that they might be correct?