American, You Can't Handle the Truth

Pelosi: “We will have health care — one way or another”

What has this country come to when a “representative” of the population,
seeing and hearing their desires clearly pronounces that what is wanted
and not wanted by the population is irrelevant.

Ms. Pelosi is watching what has happened to the president’s “historical”
ratings over the last year.
She has heard the statements by “The People” regarding health care and
TARP, and Cap and Trade, and Tax Deform for more the entire Obama
And yet, she is not listening. Not providing the one simple task that she
was put in place to perform.
“The People” chose her to represent them. She is not to represent herself.
Not those that are rich or poor. Not white or minority. Not working or
All are to be represented.

All “The People” are saying that they don’t want the present health care
bill to be passed. They are doing unprecedented things to get this point
States are declaring that they will effectively secede from the country
based on Amendment 10.
Democratic Governors and Senators are dropping like flies. Either by
their own hand or by the hands of the voter.
Patriot rallies, given the name “Tea Parties” are being held in all states.
Town hall meetings are conveying, when held, “The People’s” desires against
these absurd bills in Congress.

And yet, Ms. Pelosi states “One Way or Another” we will have the health
care bill.

What world does she live in?

The People do not want it. So, simply put, this is a slap in the face of
the American people. She is saying to all of us, that we are just too
stupid to understand what is best for us. And that what we want is not
good for America.

Shame on her. Shame on all the government elected officials, Repulican or
Democrat, for not performing the one task that they are compelled to
Represent the will and desires of “The People”.

All else that they do is window dressing and feathering their own nest.