United "Special Interests" of America

In the country of "milk and honey", a country "… of the people, by the people and for the people",
a country where "everyone" has equal rights under the law(s), it is interesting to see  how special
each and every one of us is.

well, at least some of us are special.

The Government workers are not compelled to "buy into" the new health care plan. I personally don’t
understand this, since the new plan appears to be the best plan that money can buy, for the poor,
middle class and the rich.

There are certain states that, since the planning of this new health care plan, are not going
to be burdened by those pesky Medicare bills. No longer will Nebraska have to deal with it’s
aging population’s health care. Nope, that is being delegated to the rest of the country.

The AFL-CIO is demanding that they are special enough to be excluded from the "platinum health care tax"
that is being planned for their health care.

These special cases appear out of no where, make their mark on the lives of the citizens of the
United States, then they drop back into obscurity, claiming to be the same as those they burden.

Probably the saddest part of this whole situation is that our Government promotes this type of
activity. It creates laws that define this type of existence. The U.S. Government has made a
habit of creating laws that divide the country into ever smaller factions. To the point were
any given person can belong, as odd as it may be, to factions that are diametrically opposed.

Guns, Gays, Rich, Poor, Abortion, Medical Marijuana, you name it.
The United States is now a land of "Special Interest".

If you just want to work hard to get ahead. Have your little plot of land, and enjoy the
fruits of your labor. Forget it.
There is a special interest group AND a Government edict that is out to squelch that dream.

Your best bet to total happiness, is to become a poor, gay, union member, athiest, minority.
The people of the United States will be compelled by their government to wait on you
hand and foot.