Never Aaste a Really Good Crisis

Oh how the MSM had hoped for a real disaster to occur with the growth and spread of the Swine Flu (which was re-dubbed H1N1 to avoid the hassles of defending the Pork Industry).
Anyway, this was also the litmus test for the present administration. How many people can we get to drink the Kool-Aid?
Their question "How long will it take to convince Americans that this is a true Life or Death situation"?
If they, the administration and the MSM, could have pulled this off, there is no telling what other wool they would be attempting to pull over our eyes.It seemed to be a ‘shoe-in’ case for them. Death and immediate sickness are a really strong argument to an end.
But the population of America was a little slow in reacting.
So, they created an artificial shortage. That must get people to buy in. Just like a Snake Oil Salesman, we had to only a limited time to "buy in" before death would take us.
But the population of America was still not buying in.
So, they created a new panic. If you couldn’t convince America, perhaps holding America’s children hostage would work. So they fudged some numbers that showed a statistically large number of deaths from Swine Flu were children. You have to protect the children.
That didn’t work either. America is slow to learn, but is now realizing a scam when they see it.

The result of this whole episode is that, just like the last time America dealt with Swine Flu, nothing really happened. We were safe AND we didn’t have to drink the Kool-Aid.
We could have see this if we just looked at Australia. They had the flu season just 6 months before us. Swine flu was already "Spanning the Globe" at the time. But alas, our Government Panic Mongers were not able to benefit from a non-crisis that never was.

Now we see that Truckloads Of Unused Swine Flu Vaccines (http://www.myfoxny.com/dpp/news/local_news/new_york_state/100108-Unused-Flu-Vaccine) are being "returned to sender".
All of a sudden we have a "magical surplus" of vaccine. Hmmmm, I wonder?

Anyway, can we, as Americans, take this as a clue regarding other "crisis situations" that are being presented by our Panic Mongers?
I think that this should be a learning point to America. Take the swine flu non-epidemic as cue to the future.
Top on the list include:
"Millions will die without Heath care coverage."

"The Earth is going to flood from melting polar caps"

"Carbon dioxide and water vapor are pollutants that will kill humans by the truckloads"

It may be true that you can get a lot done when driven by a crisis. But first you must have a real crisis.
And understand that when your constituents discover that a "Fake Crisis" is being presented in order to move forward a personal agenda, they will have a tendency to turn their backs to the next crisis, real or made up.

Our present administration and, for the most part government, are acting a lot like Chicken Little.
"The sky is falling, they sky is falling."