What's One More Frivolous Lawsuit?

Well, I was listening to one of the Fox network news shows this morning (my favorite stations) and during a break I heard a call for subjects in a new “class action” law suit.
It seems that the side effects of a “cosmetic” drug used for acid reflux includes the symptoms of tardive dyskinesia.
Tardive Dyskinesia has the following symptoms: Facial grimacing, Jaw swinging, Repetitive chewing, Tongue thrusting.
Ok so I will imagine that these may not be the most attractive activities for a person to have, but really folks, is this a reason for a “Class Action” law suit?
First off, the drug is used in a voluntary manor. Acid reflux is not, in almost all cases, life threatening. You could stop using it by choice. Unlike Insulin or many of the Asthma medicines, which are required for life.
Then we look at the side effects and symptoms of Tardive Dyskinesia. Are they really going to cause ‘harm’ to the sufferer? I don’t think so. And if they are, why not just stop the medicine.

This case brings to light the real need for Health Care Reform. We need some rules that handcuff these “ambulance chasing” layers who invent suits that do nothing more than line their pockets with gold at the expense of big business, doctors, patients and the tax paying citizens of the United States.
These suites should be dropped for the simple fact that the law firm usually receives a substantial sum from the “purse” if they win. The people they are defending, as a whole, get a smaller portion of the “Award”, and when you break it down the the individual, the monetary value is not even worth the piece of paper that is called the check.
This type of case costs business, consumers and tax payers hundreds of millions of dollars each year, and the only outcome of these cases is that the law firms get rich. There is no social redemption. There is little if any change in the operations of business. There is no reward to those who suffer.

Health care must include tort reform if it is to present any viable solution to the problems that plague our nation. Tort reform must be the first and last paragraph of the bill to ensure that it is known that this is the real and most important element of the ‘Solution’.