From One Generation to the Next

For ever, there has been the view by the younger generation was that those in charge,

the fathers of the young, had ideas, thoughts, and actions that were contrary to

best and desired thoughts and ideas of themselves.

It is a sad day when one of those young finally grows up and realizes that they are now the oppressors. That they are causing the angst of the younger generation. That they, through either complacency, ignorance or plain thievery are destroying the gift that once was the dream.

I apologize to the younger generations to come. I apologize for my entire generation. Not that this helps. I have tried, in my own meager way to stem the fall of the once great America. But in a time when time and money are no object. When the growth of a “soft tyrannical” government is the prime reason for it’s members to exist, there is no action great enough to stop the fall.

I hope that the next generation understands what they have lost.

If not, then it just might be that this country will never recover from the O1H1B1 virus.