Beware The Ass in Rino Clothing

We have heard lately much about RINOs (Republican In Name Only).
Where the moniker came from is not important. The idea, though, that there are ‘Republicans’, as specified by the ‘R’ next to their name that don’t believe the conservative protection of the U.S. Constitution is well identified.

These RINOs will tout the benefits of heath care, Cap and Trade, or any other nonsensical ideas which enact rulings and laws contrary to those rights and priveleges given the Government by the Constitution.
They believe in the “benevolent dictator” stand for government. That they know what is best for the U.S. population. Even when the population tells them time and again, they are wrong.

Well, we have seen a slow shift from the center left to the center right. We are seeing Democrats changing sides. Adopting the ‘R’ after their title.
I say, beware of an Ass in RINO clothing.
The Center Right (RINO) is just a Democrat with the ‘R’. They are not conservatives. They don’t believe in the final word of the Constitution. They don’t believe that the will of the public, or their freedom to exist, is of any consequence.
So, changing from ‘D’ to ‘R’ is just a campaign ploy to get reelected. To save their seat. They are not giving up their ideals. They are only joining the war dance as an insider.

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. The writing is on the wall. The Democrats are going to take a bath in November. So, since the RINO is no different in ideals to a center Left Democrat, why not just join the ranks, and ensure an easy victory.

Beware these Changelings. They are still the Democrats that voted ‘Yes’ to the enslavement of the citizen. They are the ones that voted yes to tax increases.
They are the ones that voted yes to jail time to ever U.S. citizen that chooses not to purchase a government MANDATED health care plan.

They are NOT REPUBLICANS. If they show up on the ballot, vote conservative. If they show up on the conservative ticket, challenge them. Make them right and sign a pact of promise that their campaign promises will be their life. That they will fight tyranny and the government usurpation of the Rights of the Citizen.
Then and only then will you accept that ‘R’, and allow them to continue in their seat.