A Note to California


Stop going after the low hanging fruit. That is the future of your state.
Why not take the bull by the horns and go after the problem.
State employees.
You are a big state, but with this economy, you find you can no longer
pay your bloated government and their bloated salaries with the dwindling
working population.
So instead of cutting school programs (that is your future) and Health care programs(that is also your future), why not just prune your tree.

Dump excessive government workers. The economy is hitting everyone. There should be no hiding place where people can go without some pain.
If you, Arnold, protect your State Government employees from the pains of the recession, then it is possible that, in their eyes there is no recession.
This can lead to an us and them problem.

Let your people know that they have to live the same pains that the workers live.
Force them to make the hard decisions and let “excess baggage” go. Act like you care about profit and loss. Run your state like a business, and I would bet that you will find you no longer need “handouts” and special treatment from the Government.

But please, don’t even think that you can pull this “we tried everything” on us if you are not dumping Government workers at the same rate as the small businesses in your state are.

Cutting school programs and health care, etc. is not the answer.
Cutting BIG Government is.