TARP is NOT "Job Creation"

In yet another display of his lack of knowledge of
law, Congress, The Constitution and public opinion,
President B. Hussein Obama has declared that he intends
to pilfer the TARP funds and redirect their use in
job creation.

TARP, Troubled Asset Relief Program, was passed by Congress
for the sole purpose of buying the “Bad Loans” and other
tools of investment that were going to cause the complete
collapse of the world economy.
Whether or not the reader is for or against this issue, the
fact remains that this was it’s sole reason for being.

Ignore that fact that T. Geithner had previously said that the
TARP program would not be needed, as these “Toxic Assets” do
not pose a real threat to the investment world, today we hear
that T. Geithner is planning on continuing the TARP program.

So we have a two pronged attack on the financial health of the
U.S. Economy.

But the bigger issue is B.H.O.’s belief that He can unilaterally
redirect these funds to his own bidding.
They are not his monies to play with.
They are not and were not intended for “jobs creation”.
They had a very explicit use, and He is planning on nicking them
to further his ignorant position on job creation.

He is a thief.
He is stealing America’s hard earned tax money.

Use if for TARP or give it back.

I believe that this single act of financial theft could lead to
an impeachment of The Historic President.

He has shown that the Constitution of the United States has no
bearing on his operations. He is quoted as saying that it “gets in
his way…”

He has shown that he has no regard for business or contractual law, as
seen in his dealings with G.M. and Chrysler investors.

He has shown that he has little regard or respect for his fellow
Senators or Representatives. He does not even give his own cabinet
members respect.

He will throw friends and enemies under the bus if they cross him.

But now, he has taken on the public, their taxes and the law.

We must put a stop to this “Bull in the U.S. china closet” before
he puts and end to us.