The Comatose Generation

Like we saw in the movie “The Matrix”, the younger generation
of adults is walking around in a comma induced by the lure of
technology and entertainment.

The technology, the cell phone.
The entertainment, cheap thrill movie clips, video games
and social networking.

Gone are the days of reality. Living life for the sole enjoyment of
life. Creating new ideas. Embarking on new paths of reality.
Our young sit, walk, jog, run and, heaven for bid, drive, in a
completely connected state.
There is no reality for this new guarding of the future. There is only
someone or something at the end of a radio link, posing as a surrogate
for reality.

Through this neat, “boxed in” life, our young leaders learn to control,
their immitation lives. They look for cheat codes to better their
condition. They get their news from hearsay and Comdey Central.

I work with people from this generation and their attitudes regarding
socialism and government takeover of health care and “cap and trade” are,
to me, very scary.

I was just told by one person that it is OK if they are taxed a little
bit more, if they can get “Free” health care.
It is, to them, OK that the U.S. Government is taking over control of
the private sector, health care and business.
And that a little debt is not a bad thing.

These younger adults are not looking forward. They cannot see the future
result of the present decisions.
They are not looking backward. They don’t acknowledge that there ever was
a history, or the specific situations that match what we are seeing
right now in America and the world.

They are living in their tiny little lives. Boxed in by that “magic box”
that allows them to connect to their “Socialist” society.

For them. it has already begun. They don’t concider themselves individuals
with a private life, and private matters, and private personal information.
Everything is up for grabs.
Social networking sites contain all the dirty little secrets that were once
never even written down, or put in a diary with a lock.

This generation even takes command from this little box as to which
candidate deserves their vote.
One of the prime reasons B. Hossein Obama became president of the U.S. is
because they flooded the network with “Vote for B.H.O” messages.
Our little troopers, saw and obeyed.

They have lost their way.
And very possibly, we will follow, as they grow in numbers.