World Transaction tax - N. Pelosi's answer to prosperity

Wholly Cow!!!

Just one year ago, the elite group governing our country
today were saying that the world does not like the United
States because of our oppressive, ‘We are right’ attitude.

We ousted the Replublicans because they were perpetuating
an environment of superiority over the rest of the world.

Yet, today we read that Representative and House Speaker
N. Pelosi is pushing to have a “World Transaction Tax” so
that all countries, rich and poor, can enjoy the suffocating death of
the United States.

There is no longer safety in a Swiss Bank Account, and there
is now going to be no hiding from the U.S. by trading in
other countries.

What does our ‘World View’ look like now, I wonder?

And let’s face reality. There is no way a money grubbing,
Tyrannical, left leaning government would keep the tax at
0.25%. This will grow as entitlements grow.
Look at Social Security and Welfare. It just keeps getting

Not to mention that this tax will not stop at transactions.
This will ‘trickle down’ to all people of the world. Savings,
retirement investment, home purchase, soda, and on and on.
This tax will touch all product and service traded on all
markets. which will the touch all product which is manufactured
from products taxed.

Like a cancer on our country, this new tax will join with all
others to cast the final death blow to our freedom and our