De-evolution of America

It is interesting, if not sad, to watch the de-evolution
of the once great America into what can best be described
as a third world country with a social elitist, left leaning
and highly opressive dictatorship.

The once great America, which stood as the icon of freedom
and choice for many, many world citizens is now transforming itself
into a state of opression and regrets. Sistered by once infamous
countries as Iran, North Korea and Venezuela, America is now, very
explicitly, becoming one of them.

As we stand on the sidelines and watch our government take
control of the engine of free enterprise, which was the heart
of America, we also see it wrapping it’s long fingers around
the throat if the constitution, intent on strangling the life
out of the last threads of its promise to the peoples of a new

(We have Given You,) “A Republic Ma’am, If You Can Keep it.”
… Benjamin Franklin.
This is a gift worth keeping. And many persons have fought many
battles, over seas and within the walls of this country to defend
that republic, and the rights and privileges that permit and are
granted by our Constitution.

But the days have grown dark, and private interests are now
becoming more bold. Those rights and privileges are now being
courted as gifts that should only be enjoyed by the elitist group
of high ranking, government officials, their friends and family.
We see this same group of people becoming hostile to its constituents,
bringing punishments to it’s protectors, and attempting to restrict
even the free thought of America’s people.

We see our elite governing class providing health care, untouched,
in it’s most affluent form is now reserved,
by contract, for themselves. All others can get on one at the local clinic.

We see them compelling the use of new technology light bulbs that contain
poisons, are a waste hazard and are not cheaply dimmed as the answer
to global warming.

The saddest state of affairs is that they are now, today, which is one of
the most infamous days in American history when Japan attacked the
United States, we see our elitist government officials bringing charge
against some of it’s own protectors (Navy Seals). The crime? Doing their
job. Catching the bad guys.

This, if it weren’t so sad, would be the most laughable account of America
gone wrong since the McArthy era.

America attacking America!

Divide and conquer. Split the oposition. It is far easier to battle many
small armies than one big one.

We see this occuring for the last year.
Rich against poor.
Black against white.
Union against non-Union.
Goverment against citizen.
Big business against consumer.

One after another, group by group, our Government is picking us apart.
Breaking the once greate America into factions and special interest
And then, picking us off, one by one, for the sole purpose of taking
over the Constitution. Steam rolling it into oblivion. Rewriting it
into the Socialist Manifesto of ‘Entitlement’ rule.

America is de-volving into the wild, tyranical ruled entity it was prior
to 1776, when we were nothing more than a resource for an opressive
govermening England.

And we are just letting it happen.