I forsee, that in the same manor as all other
promises by candidate and president Obama, the
idea that we will be surging and then retreating
in Afghanistan will take the same ‘low road’.

During his campain, candidate Obama promised a more
open and transparent administration. The first 11 months
of his career has shown otherwise.

During his campain, candidate Obama promised to reach
across the isle and work for bi-partisan actions on all
bills. Again, we see that not only is he not reaching
across the isle, but he is specifically not including
Republicans in his efforts.

On of his first acts as a newly appointed president of the
United States was to promise the closing of Guatanimo Bay
Naval facility by the end of 2009. Well that was just not
possible. And again he failed to produce the result he

And now we hear him very clearly profess that we will surge
in Afghanistan by sending another 30,000 or so troops. But only
until 2011. Then we will be leaving.

Is this just another grandiose, from the hip, pie in the sky
promise that he will once again fail to perform?

I would say yes. Yes for the shear sophomoric experience
he has in running anything.
President Obama has shown the he has no problems saying what
needs to be said, without being bound by what is possible.
He is ensuring that he is looked upon by his friends and enemies
as satisfying their needs. The Doves see an exit strategy, the
Hawks see a surge. Each believes that their part will be the
donimating feature.

There is no strategy substance in the promise. No plan for
the future of Afghanistan or the U.S. or our troops. Just another
empty promise that can be read by all as apeasing their needs.

Gitmo closing date came and went. We and the detainees are still

I will bet that by 2012, we will still be surging in Afghanistan.
Perhaps we will be moving into Pakistan as well.