Is the United States sick?

It would appear so. At least as depicted by our
president, Barack Hussein Obama.

During his campaign, BHO declared that it was time
for ‘change’. Change that we can believe in. Change that
would redirect the growth of this country. A change that
would bring the United States back to the forfront of
humanity and provide the ability for the United States
of America to guide the rest of the world into the
the 21’st century.

It all started with our failing financial system. BHO stepped in
and rescued it. Broght it back from the brinks of death into
what we now have.

Then we see BHO reach out and save the U.S. car industry.
He single handedly put in place a system that would, without
debate, save the largest of car manufacturers.

BHO noticed that he was turning on the air conditioner too many
times so he declared that we should institute a “cap and trade”
system of carbon control. And so it was, and a bill was passed.

Hundreds of millions of people we dying every year in the U.S.
from lack of health care. So with a simple reach of his open hand,
BHO has put into place a machine that will most likely institute
a National Health Care plan. Bills are written, some passed,
some being debated. But the machine is moving forward.

We are so lucky to have a wise leader such as BHO to guide us through
this dark and dangerous time in our lives.


Münchhausen by proxy syndrome (MBPS)
In MBPS, an individual — usually a mother — deliberately makes another
person (most often his or her own preschool child) sick or convinces
others that the person is sick. The parent or caregiver misleads others
into thinking that the child has medical problems by lying and reporting
fictitious episodes. He or she may exaggerate, fabricate, or induce

Is it possible that BHO is our caregiver?

Is it possible, even by a stretch of the imagination, that many of our
symptoms have been exagerated?

Could we have been mislead into thinking that the problems were bigger
than they really are?

Only with wide open eyes, and careful analysis, would we be able to
determine the answer.

But we do know the following.

When previous presidents took over situations similar to the one BHO
“inherited”, they approached the answer in different ways.

The car companies should have been left to the courts. Chapter 11/13
bankruptcy and restructure would most likely have succeded in solving
their financial problems, saved the tax payers much debt that will most
likely not be repaid, and allowed the companies to start making a profit
immediately. Instead they are strapped with an opressive debt to pay
back, and are controlled by the two most opressive, anti business entities
the world has known – UAW and BHO.

The finanical system was in trouble becuase the U.S. goverment stuck it’s
nose into business they know nothing about. Then they gave tons and tons of
money to the system where little was needed. Then the goverment again took
over the “failing” industry, placing it’s own ‘business ignorant’ goons
in offices of idustry power.
If we had just let the industry “fail”, through bankrupcy and restructure,
they would most likely be in much better shape today, without the huge
debt to be repaid, without the government goons cripling every decision.

There is no constitutional ‘right’ to goverment services such as welfare
and health care. This is totally fabricated issue that is being posed
and propogated by BHO to give him yet another platform to show the world
how he saved the U.S.
The constitution does, however provide that the citizen has freedom. Freedom
to choose his life style. Freedom to choose his health care. Freedom
to live or dye by his only choices.
The health care bills being debated and voted upon remove those freedoms.
You will be compelled by the Secretary of Health and Human Services to live
the way that they deem fit. You no longer have the freedoms you had just
one year ago.

I think that that based on these few instances, we can say that we
are whitnessing the largest, most opressive case of
Münchhausen by proxy syndrome” the world has ever seen.

Based on the web page:

Getting Help for the Parent or Caregiver
Most often, abusive Munchausen by proxy syndrome cases are resolved
in one of three ways:

1. the perpetrator is apprehended
2. the perpetrator moves on to a younger child when the original
victim gets old enough to “tell”
3. the child dies

I choose choice #1. Choices #2 and #3 are just too extreem to think