Commander in Cheif Obama's Afghanistan 'End Game'

His ‘new plan’ for Afganistan is a rapid retreat from
the original game plan. We are no longer looking to ‘win’
but are looking to get out quietly and quickly.

The new plan pushes off the policing of insurgents and
terrorists to the corrupt Government of Hamid Karzai and
his ‘Army’.

The United States has taken a stance of ‘no longer my problem’
in Afghanistan, and it is ready to turn tail and sneak out by the
cover of darkness.

I feel that our President is failing to see the true reason for
our commitment in Afghanistan. We were there WIN. Not tie or lose.

We were not there to rebuild a country. That was never our plan
in Afghanistan.

We were not there to install a puppet president, arguably one of the
more corrupt elected presidents in the world.

We were not there to assist in the financial recovery of their


We were there to knock the wind out of the Taliban and Al Qaeda.
We were there to show that, above all else, you don’t atack the
United States on it’s own soil, and walk away scott free.

BUT, alas, our Commander in Chief has a moral issue with winning.
It reminds him of the humiliation that Hirohito must have felt
when he signed the treaty ending the Pacific War.

This was the ‘right war to fight’. The one we could win.

But now we just want to fade away into the night.

Many Americans have died over there.
Many Americans have died here.

No resolution has been acheived.

This one act of indecision will empower our enemy.
And now they have a time table.

I am sure that the citizens of Afghanistan are, at this moment,
quaking in their boots. Because they now that in a short 1.5 years
time, they will be without a stable, non-corrupt government AND
they will be without a stablizing force such as America to protect

Like so many of his assistants, aids and friends, Commander in Chief Obama
is throwing the people of Afghanistan under the bus before it
soils his presidency.

Single handedly he is also aiding and abetting the terrorists by not
brining them to justice. Not punishing them for the massive crimes against
humanity that they commited.

As we have seen from past comflicts with the people from that area, if
you do not defeat them, then they consider they won. If they are allowed
to continue on their way without punishment, then they won. If you
leave their corrupt leadership in tact, they won.

If they can stand ‘toe to toe’ with the United States, and stare us down,
they believe that they have slain Goliath. They are revered as heros
returning from battle.
And they will be back. With proof that no harm will come to them, they
will be back.